Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bless and Bless

This Birthday, may I humbly ask that you bless someone? Bless with a phone call, email, letter, hug, smile, help those in need. Tell someone about Jesus. Bless me by blessing others. BEST gifts ever! 

And if you want to buy a book, I'll donate the proceeds to help refugees fleeing from ISIS.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Writer tip -- Critique Group

Find a good critique group or writing partners who will give honest critiques. Don't only rely on friends and family. Find someone who knows the craft of writing. There are many groups around the country and many online critique groups available through writing organizations.

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has online courses, pages of information, and an email loop where writers can ask any number of writing related questions.

Don't miss the amazing benefits of critique groups.

Monday, November 3, 2014

On Sale! -- Heart of Petra

She longed for adventure…the safe kind. 

Twenty-year-old Leah Petra Jones calls out to God for an adventure, something more than life as the dutiful daughter of a worship pastor. 

Only, in a church filled with secrets, adventure already waits. 

At first sign of risk she reneges—but it’s too late. A handsome intern pastor helps the church transition right into a scheme where she is both prize and pawn. Petra learns that the most dangerous adventure can happen right in your own church.

Heart of Petra (Breaking Bonds Book 2) is on sale now for Kindle! 

Only .99 cents.

Hilarey Johnson's first in the Breaking Bonds Series, Sovereign Ground (Breaking Bonds Book 1), was about a girl trapped outside of church. Heart of Petra is about a girl trapped inside. It has similar elements of spiritual suspense.

Leah was raised in a conservative, dying church. Leah’s father was so controlling, her sister was expelled when she chose to go to college instead of letting her him choose her husband. Leah wants to submit to God, and her father, but her father begins to push her toward a relationship that isn’t right. The man ends up having ulterior motives.

You could also say the story is about not allowing your heart to turn hard because you are complacent in your faith, the damage done by church splits, courting, texting while driving and spying on your neighbors.

The First Page --

Whoever heard of an insomniac with a pajama fetish? I swipe my hand down the leg of my lime-green cotton PJs, but it doesn't help steady them, and I still need two tries to adjust the telescope.

With a deep breath, and a double check at the lock on my bedroom door, I’m able to slow the skipping in my ribs. It’s amazing how blood and heart vessels work together, pumping day and night, even while people sleep—well, while most people sleep. An insomniac doesn't have the pleasure of dreaming during the seven hundred and twenty minutes our sun shines on the other side of the world.

I twist the focuser on my telescope clockwise—a bit too far, back just a hair. Perfect.

Returning to my love of pajamas: Seven sets of long-sleeve, long-pant outfits wait in my bottom drawer in two neat piles. One drawer up contains nine matching shorts-sets, twelve nightgowns and one baby-doll nightgown my parents don’t know I own...

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