Monday, September 1, 2014

Free Training via Jo Ann Fore!

Are you ready to make a difference?

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  • Has God placed something on your heart to share with others {whether it’s from a large platform or simply with your neighbor next door} but you shrink back in fear?

  • Have voices of criticism, doubt, or disapproval ever stopped you,dismissing your dreams as unimportant or unattainable?

  • Perhaps you’re in a place you never imagined you’d be, this place of influence with others who want to hear what you have to say—andyou don’t know what you want to say or how to say it?

If any of these describe you, I want to personally invite you to join me on a free training call.

My name is Jo Ann Fore, and I have a deep passion to help women become voices of hope, whether that hope is served from your heart through individual relationships, group mentoring, teaching others from a small or large platform, or even an entrepreneurial venture.

For many years, I've walked alongside women who are compelled to make a difference. And the thing I hear most often is how hard it can be to connect on a heart-level or to reach others in such a way that we affect their lives with positive change.

As encouragers {of any sort} we've had those days, those times a wicked doubt starts centering inward and we find ourselves wondering if we’re really cut out to be of influence to anyone.  Does what we do {really} matter; how can we make a difference?
Never, ever, underestimate the difference a willing heart can make in the lives of others.
Here’s the thing: Before we were ever born, God designed us with a unique purpose to discover and fulfill on this earth. He’s always intended to use every part of our lives–no matter how broken–in his Kingdom-building plan. This potential for influencing others, its a part of our true selves, embedded deep in our make-up, our spiritual DNA.

We are designed  to influence and impact those around us.

Will you join me for this FREE live tele-chat for women, as we uncover the #1 way to reach the hearts of others and learn how to impact the world for positive change?

Be on the *LIVE* call and be eligible to win  a FREE Day of  Coaching{Value $800!}.


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