Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Lies Writers Tell Themselves

The Lies Writers Tell Themselves
By Susan H. Lawrence

“I have to be in just the right mood to write.”
“I need to get my thoughts organized before I can get started.”
“If I just had a better space, away from everyone…”
“I don’t know enough to be a writer.”
“Writing comes easy to most well-known authors.”
“My story isn't interesting enough to share.”
“When I find the time to write…”
“I’ll never make it as a writer, because I can’t spell well, my grammar is bad, and I usually choose the wrong punctuation.”

It’s not true. As much as we say we want to write, we creatively rationalize why we don’t. If we’d use all the effort it takes to excuse why we’re not writing to actually write, we might get well beyond where we’d ever imagine! Of course, I know we all have challenges, and I don’t know your specific situation. But I do know what I've said to myself and what I hear from many writers I help, and I know the benefit of challenging the excuses that are holding us back.

Ask yourself, “What’s really behind my hesitation to write?” It’s often a lack of confidence. Sometimes, it’s a lack of organization and commitment. As you’re honest with yourself, perhaps you’ll find you’re not actually supposed to be writing—at least, not right now. If that’s the case, take the pressure off yourself, and intentionally set writing aside for a season. But as you discover your rationalizations are simple stumbling blocks inconveniently getting in your way, take a deep breath and knock them down or step over them. Write with no excuses.

Susan Lawrence is a women’s ministry consultant who also partners with women with writing goals. She speaks around the country, has written multiple Bible studies and devotionals, and blogs daily. If you’d like to start a conversation with her about your writing goals or other ministry needs, connect with her on

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Speaking the Truth in love to me - are you??? Great post! Thanks for the encouragement. Love ya!