Monday, October 28, 2013

In the Trenches with Rebecca Carey Lyles

Recently, I was asked the question most published writers are eventually asked: What is your writing schedule? The person who asked understood that in order to finish a book and render it publishable, authors must structure their days and discipline themselves to stick with a project to the end.

My response was something like, “I normally get up around seven or eight and eat breakfast while I do my Bible study lesson. Then I go to my computer to check email and Facebook messages, update bookkeeping, etc. If all goes well, I’ll be done with correspondence by eleven or twelve ­– just in time for lunch. So, of course, I take a break.

In the afternoon, I respond to interview questions and write posts for bloggers who've offered to promote my latest book. I might even write something for one of my own blogs. Because I edit for other writers, I’ll likely work on someone else’s material for several hours. Eventually, the desk is cleared, and I can work on my own book in progress. Sounds great, but by then, it’s probably time to take my afternoon walk and start dinner. Following dinner, who knows whether or not I can talk my sore fingers into returning to the keyboard.

That’s my “no big rush” schedule; however, when I’m in a crunch to get an article out or have several projects going at once, I tend to sit down at the computer a little earlier and stay a bit longer, occasionally into the early morning hours. To be honest, I’d like to be more structured, but I also appreciate the freedom to volunteer for a variety of entities, to attend a daytime women’s Bible study group, and to meet with my crit group or join friends for lunch.

A helpful habit I've developed over the years is to edit the previous day’s chapter or section, not only to clean it up (fixes are always needed!) but to remind myself where I’m at in the story and to “prime the pump” before I tackle the next scene.

One more thought –I never respond to requests on Facebook to play games, even with my bestest friends. I hear online games can really drain the hourglass…

How about you? Do you have daily writing routine? Or do you tackle projects as inspiration hits, or maybe as deadlines demand?

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Rebecca Carey Lyles grew up in Wyoming, the setting for her Kate Neilson novels. She currently lives with her husband in Idaho, where she serves as an editor and a mentor for aspiring authors and as a coach for women transitioning from prison to life on “the outside.”
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