Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yo, Ho, a Writer's Life For Me!

Yo ho a Writer’s Life For Me!
Lisa Buffaloe

I didn't plan on being a writer, did not break forth from the womb with pen and paper in hand. Life took me for a wild ride, dumped me in bed with chronic illness and birthed a new writing adventure. 

In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “I think we've all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.”

With the wind in my sails/bed sheets, I walked the plank toward uncharted waters. Words flourished and spewed forward. The first results may have contained spiritual truths, but did not arrive in grammatically correct positions. 

Scallywag sentence structure, why couldn't I just write like I think?

I joined critique groups and my papers came back covered in red. Black flags were hoisted signaling trouble ahead. Useless words were thrown overboard. Adverbs slashed, verbs strengthened, and I learned to hide the rum! Ahem, I mean hide the run on sentences. 

Argh! Writing is easy. Writing in excellence is difficult.

As writers we dig deep for buried treasure. Simple or profound truths are unearthed to motivate, encourage, and help others grow.

So unfurl your writing parchment. Sharpen your pen and wits, and write. Stay the course. When the winds of discouragement blow, and the pirates come to steal joy, keep writing and passing God’s truth to hungry and thirsty souls.

“And the Lord answered me and said, ‘Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as he hastens by’” (Habakkuk 2:2 AMP)

Lisa Buffaloe is a writer, blogger, speaker, happily-married mom, and founder and host for Living Joyfully Free Radio. She is passionate to tell others about God’s wonderful love, healing, and restoration. Lisa is the author of Living Joyfully Free, Living Joyfully Free – Volume 2, Nadia’s Hope, Prodigal Nights, and  Grace for the Char-Baked.

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