Thursday, September 5, 2013

Know that I Am God

A Ten-Week Bible Study by Patty Mason

Our Greatest Calling in Life is to Know God

There is a cry rising up today that begs to know God, not just facts or things about God, but a deep desire to really know Him. In Isaiah 43:10 the LORD said, “You are my witnesses, and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe and understand that I am he.” The Bible, both Old and New Testament, is filled with personal testimonies of those who knew God. Isaiah, Moses, David, John and Matthew, Paul and Peter all recorded the experiences of the One they came to know and recognize as their Father; their Bridegroom; their Shepherd; their Healer; their Redeemer; their Friend; their King, and their God. Like these men, and many others, we, too, are to be witnesses of God, so we may KNOW Him personally, BELIEVE Him unconditionally, and UNDERSTAND His heart.

Know That I AM God is a 10-week in-depth Bible study that will ignite a fresh explosion of hunger for God by pursuing deeper revelations of His Person and personality. A Leader’s Guide and 10-week DVD video series accompany this study. The video series is taken from the commanding book of Ezekiel where God repeatedly brings a message of repentance and hope to a rebellious people. Through the prophet Ezekiel, God passionately professed: “Through the actions I take, through my words and deeds, you will know that I AM the LORD and that there is no other.”

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“I've often wondered: ‘Where are the Bible studies with the meat and potatoes?’ Well, Know That I AM God delivers! This study is defiantly for those who are hungry for God.”
–Carol Tanzinski

“It’s evident from day one that this book is an intense, personal journey—not for the fearful or faint of heart. But know that if you dare to make the journey with her, your fears will be relieved and your heart will be revived as you seek the unique treasures that only accompany a closer walk with God.”
Amy Parker, Author, Editor, Parker Inc

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