Monday, August 5, 2013

Best-selling suspense novelist, Kathy Herman!

Best-selling suspense novelist Kathy Herman shares on Living Joyfully Free Radio
Kathy has written nineteen novels in five previous series, including the acclaimed Secret of Roux River Bayou and the Sophie Trace Trilogy, since retiring from her family’s Christian bookstore business.
In July of 2003, Kathy’s right hip prosthesis broke. Two hip revisions later, complications from surgery left her unable to walk without an assisted device. 
She writes, “After much prayer and physical therapy, I’m still using a wheelchair and a fancy four-wheeled walker to get around. I do believe in miracles. The physicians have done what they can, and unless the Great Physician chooses to intervene, I will likely be ‘rolling’ through this life. That hasn't been an easy thing to accept. Pride doesn't die without a fight, but I've had years of practice. I've expressed my disappointment to the Lord many times and have finally come to the conclusion that it’s far more pleasing to Him that I lift up His Name in spite of my disability than to let my desire for healing consume me. And in spite of my limitations—perhaps because of them—an unseen reservoir deep inside me keeps filling the pages with stories that surprise me, and characters that I've never met and yet know intimately.” 
Her hope is that each of her novels will not only entertain  but also inspire and challenge. Kathy shares, “That in the deepest part of our souls, we’ll embrace the depth of what it means to be believers, and then be moved to share its powerful simplicity with those who struggle without hope.” 
Kathy and her husband, Paul, have three grown children and live in Tyler, Texas
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