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Fliterary (Fun for the Literary) Welcomes author Dianne Burke

Welcome to Fliterary! We love making new friends.

Let’s sit together on the swings and you can introduce yourself: 
I have been writing for Love Inspired Romantic Suspense since I received a request from an editor to see the winning entry in the 2008 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense. I have found contests invaluable for constructive critique and to chart my progress but I was surprised and delighted that it also resulted in my first sale. I have written six books for LIS so far. Three more are under consideration. I also have dipped my toe into single title nonfiction. I wrote a book about how God blessed my life by reuniting me with a son I hadn’t seen in forty years. It is called One Perfect Day and will be published by Skyhorse Publishing in the spring of 2014.

You have a new book out, what’s it about?
An Amish pregnant woman with amnesia is being protected by an undercover cop as they both are faced with escalating danger as the man who killed her husband and injured her returns to finish the job.

Where can we buy it?
It’s available in Wal-marts, Meijers, and, of course, online from

If we invited your main character to sit with us, how would she/he react? 
Sarah might be a little nervous. She opened her eyes in a hospital room and had no idea who she was. That, in itself, is frightening. Trying to socialize with people that may know you but you can’t remember would cause its own degree of stree.

What would they say? What advice would they give?
Both Sarah and Samuel had to do a lot of soul searching in this story. What constitutes family? Do you belong to the family you were born into or do you belong to the family that raised you? I think both characters are stronger for this journey and the unselfish decisions they made in the name of love.

If any one person from history could sit with us, who would it be and why?
Definitely, Jesus. I would love to sit at his feet and listen to his lessons.

Why did you choose to be a Christian writer and what does it mean to you?
God has been beside me through many dark and painful times in my life. God has opened doors I never believed possible---like returning a son I had been forced to give up for adoption more than forty years ago back to my arms.  What does being a Christian mean to me? EVERYTHING! That’s the underlying theme of every story I write. Not to preach. Just to show average, ordinary people going through extraordinary times and how their faith helps or hinders their choices.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Don’t give up and never stop learning your craft. I’ve written seven books, Hidden In Plain View  is my fifth book, the other two will be out the end of this year and the beginning of next, and yet I feel there is so much more I have to learn as I strive to deliver a better story to my readers. So never think you know it all. Don’t believe that once you’ve written one book it gets easier…it doesn’t. And if you truly love to express yourself with the written word, then never, ever give up, because just the act of writing a story makes you an author. Publication is just whip cream on an already delicious dessert.

Where can we find you on the web?
My profile can be found at  and my email address is:

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