Monday, March 18, 2013

Gestating your baby (your novel)

This past weekend, I attended the Idahope Writers Conference, put on by my local ACFW chapter. The keynote speaker was Brandilyn Collins, so you KNOW it was fantastic. Also there were Robin Lee Hatcher, Jill Williamson, Peter Leavell, Debra Burroughs, Becky Lyles...and a host of other excellent authors.

During the question/answer panel, hosted by our very own Lisa Buffaloe, I put forward this question:

How do you rein in your imagination in order to be productive as a writer?

As in, how do you keep working on your current novel when ideas for the next book keep niggling at your brain. I mean, clearly the new story will be much better/easier/simpler/more fun than this hard work rubbish I'm hacking away at right now.

Robin Lee Hatcher (we <3 Robin, we even named our writer award after her) gave this answer:

The new idea is like an unborn baby. It has never cried, dirtied a diaper, spit up on you, kept you up all night...all the things babies do that makes you wonder why you EVER though this was a good idea. 
The book you're working on right now is a three year old having a full-blown tantrum on the living room floor. 


One of the biggest things I took away from the conference was a reminder of just how plain, stupid, HARD it is to be an author. It's WORK, bub. Sometimes you just have to DO IT. 
Wow, do I ever need that reminder when I'm frolicking in idea-land through the meadow of fabulous, sassy characters who are supremely witty and have never ever told me, 'no!'

How about you? What writing advice have you heard recently that struck a chord and just resonated in you? 

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Autumn said...

LOL, I love that analogy! And as I look back on along trail of never quite completed stories, one I needed to hear.