Monday, February 25, 2013

Peace in the middle of it all

Music is huge for me. (In case you can't tell from the picture.)

In some shape or form it's been part of my life for pretty much ever. Between clarinet lessons, school and local choirs, church youth and adult worship teams, worship classes, choirs and the worship team at Bible college all the way up to the ministry I have right now--leading worship with my husband at our local church:

Music can rev you up. It can calm you, refocus your perspective and say what you would never have the words to describe...or for some of us, the ability with writing in order to express.

Fiction does that too. 

When I'm in a certain mood--one that tends to re-occur on a monthly basis on some kind of twisted vicious cycle that started with Eve in the garden....uh, I digress--but I'll hunker down during those times and re-read certain authors. Usually ones where people go homicidal, or shout at each other, have varying kinds of emotional dramas. I figure it's like putting on a sad, or classic movie and crying for an hour...only my way uses up less tissues.

Non-fiction has the power to refocus me, also. Books like, 'God as He longs for you to see Him' and 'My Utmost for His Highest' never fail to leave me meditating on some aspect of God's person and His heart toward me. 
As believers, the Word of God and prayer are a source of peace in the middle of times that can be confusing, frustrating and downright scary. Every minute of every day. I don't even need battery power on my Nook, all I have to do is stop.

So I guess that's my advice to you today, since it's Monday and you just got slapped with all those things you spent the weekend trying to forget. Or maybe you're trying to escape today, from what happened over the weekend...whatever it is, just STOP.

And maybe listen to this:

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