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A New Direction by Leann Harris

                  A New Direction—by Leann Harris

   I have been writing most of my adult life and have published 15 books, but 10 of those books were romantic suspense. There was always a dead body in the story.  When I started writing Christian romance, it took me a while to understand how a Christian could write about stealing, adultery, and murder then I read Genesis, and understood bad things happen to God’s people, but it’s how we respond that counts.

   Once I had that down, I ended up proposing to my editors several books. She was only interested in the straight romance, and as any good writer will tell you, I told her sure I could write it.  The problem was how did you write a straight romance?  What do you hang your story on? I couldn't solve the murder, so what now?

   When we don’t see the way, the Lord shows us the path.

I read an article in our local newspaper about an Iraqi war veteran who’d lost his leg and was taking equine therapy to help him with is coordination. What a great story idea. So I talked to the local equine therapy ranch, and the Scottish Rite Hospital located in my home town. They provide prosthetic's for kids who’d lost a limb.

   Now, Lord, I need a plot.

 A friend showed me how to use archetypes to plot and not need a murder and I tried it. I prayed asking God, if this was the way, help me. God was faithful because every morning when I sat down to write, the words were there. I ended each day amazed at what I’d written.  I remember one day when I finished writing being amazed at the words that flowed out of my fingers onto the screen. Those were not out of me, but God provided. He was faithful. That book Second Chance Ranch got more reaction then my 11 books combined.

   I am mindful that you can tell a truth in fiction that reaches a lot more people than a self-help book. As I write, God changes things in my heart, and I pray those words will help others who are dealing with problems know that God can bring them through.  It is a ministry for which I am grateful that God has allowed me to do. 

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After seeing Tessa Grant calm his storm-spooked horse, Ethan McClure is impressed. But does the new vet have what it takes to prove her mettle with Ethan's local horse-rescue group? Ethan can't deny her healing touch with animals…or her powerful effect on this rancher. But Tessa is busy trying to get her footing after leaving Kentucky to start over in this mountain town. When she learns a family secret that turns her world upside down, Tessa's ready to push everyone away. Unless Ethan can help her embrace forgiveness—and forge a path to her heart along the way.

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