Friday, August 31, 2012

Experiencing Joy by Patty Mason

Patty Mason is asking people: “What is stealing your joy?”

In a world full of uncertainty and despair, how can anyone hope to find joy?

In Patty’s newest book, Experiencing Joy: Strategies for Living a Joy Filled Life, she answers that question and offers six effective biblical strategies that will help you overcome depression, and every other deadly emotion, and find joy. God gives us everything we need to live a victorious life. It’s time to break the cycle of depression, anger, fear and anxiety and live a life filled with joy! 

“Powerful Message of Hope for Everyone!”
“Experiencing Joy is not just a book for those going through depression; it is a book that can also help people stop depression and other harmful emotions before they set in.”
 —Sandy Keller

Experiencing Joy: Strategies for Living a Joy Filled Life is now available in paperback at:

Patty Mason is a wife and mother who found hope and healing when Jesus reached into her well of depression and set her free. From her painful past God created Liberty in Christ Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping others find hope, healing, and freedom for their souls. As a speaker and Bible teacher, Patty has reached audiences all over the world through Sisters on Assignment, Christian TV,, Salem Communication’s Light Source, and WLGT Blog Radio Live. Most recently, her story was featured on CBN, 700 Club.

Along with Experiencing Joy her books include: Transformed by Desire: A Journey of Awakening to Life and Love, and Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression Without Drugs.

To learn more about Patty Mason, her books or ministry, please visit:

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