Monday, August 6, 2012

A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit 

Have you ever felt Jesus' message didn't apply to you? It's time to see God's Word is a perfect fit!

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: HOW TO WEAR GOD'S WORD takes a look at the parables Jesus told. Every day we explore a different parable by Picking It Up, Putting It On and Walking It Out. ONE SIZE FITS ALL is an eight week study with five days of work in each week.

In Pick It Up, we begin with the authority of Scripture. The passage or passages for the day are printed for the reader from the New International Version of the Bible.

To Put It On, Jennifer shares both personal anecdotes and Biblical stories to help the reader understand how the message applies to their lives. They are prompted to answer application questions, journal thoughts, and look up supporting Scripture to see how God's Word addresses their seasons of life.

Walk It Out is a directed time of prayer. We close the day by giving thanks and asking God for His guidance to live out His truth. The reader is also given the opportunity to write their own prayer or journal thoughts as well.

With the use of QR Code technology, you will be able to hear a message from Jennifer through your smart phone or reader without having to be near a DVD player. There is a new message each week. Don’t have a smart phone? No problem. The videos are available online.

Jennifer Mersberger is a Christian author, public speaker, and founder of Lamplight Ministry. Like many women, Jennifer spent a large portion of her life seeking love and approval. After surviving sexual assault and suffering the loss of an unborn child, she finally reached out to God. He won her heart and gave her a passion for encouraging women.

With a unique perspective and great sense of humor, Jennifer shares how God is present in our everyday lives. She lives in the north Texas area with her husband and two children.

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