Thursday, June 14, 2012

Robin Lee Hatcher’s advice to writers

At our local writer’s group, Idahope, we are fortunate to include Robin Lee Hatcher as a member. Robin is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. She has such a gentle, giving spirit that we named an award after her to honor writers who reach out and display the character of Christ.

One of the ways Robin blesses is in her willingness to share of herself. If you ever get a chance to listen to Robin, I encourage you to take advantage of her 31 years of publishing experience.

Robin Lee Hatcher’s advice to writers

Robin Lee Hatcher declares that she was always a storyteller. Although when she was young, they called it lying. She says “Story telling is something you are born with. The craft of writing is something you learn.”

Robin says you learn writing by writing. Also, being willing to write badly. Of course, she warns, don’t let your bad writing get published. But just write—because one page per day equals one book in a year. Robin wrote her first nine novels in a nightly two-hour time block on Monday through Thursday and several hours Saturday morning. Fridays and Sundays she reserved for family.

Beyond just writing, Robin lists two essential qualifications of a writer. First, be a voracious reader. Reading is the best teacher. Second, be able to emphasize with everyone. Even the “bad guys,” says Robin. “Understand, and care about all people.”

Robin’s caring heart comes through in her writing. In 31 years she has published 65 novels. Her latest, Betrayal, book 2 in Where the Heart Lives series will release November 2012. Click here for more information, the first chapter, and to view the story trailer on youtube.

Best-selling novelist Robin Lee Hatcher is known for her heartwarming and emotionally charged stories of faith, courage, and love. She discovered her vocation after many years of reading everything she could put her hands on, including the backs of cereal boxes and ketchup bottles. The winner of the Idahope Writer of the Year, the Christy Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction, two RITA Awards for Best Inspirational Romance, two RT Career Achievement Awards (Americana Romance and Inspirational Fiction), and the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award, Robin is the author of over 65 novels. Her historical romance Catching Katie was named one of the Best Books of 2004 by the Library Journal.

Robin Lee Hatcher and Hilarey Johnson at ACFW 2005
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gideon's Call by Peter Leavell

Christian Writer's Guild, Operation First Novel contest winner, Peter Leavell!


by Peter Leavell

A Novel

Author Peter Leavell forges an unprecedented tale of tragedy and triumph amid the backdrop of the Civil War through the story of Tad, a very clever slave boy who comes of age as America’s war reaches the sea islands of South Carolina. Tad’s desire to better himself is obstructed by the color of his skin, until Northern soldiers force the evacuation of white plantation owners, setting 10,000 slaves free in a single day. These circumstances seem like a dream, except that the newly freed slaves have no money, no education, and little hope for the future—unless someone rises up to lead them. Based on true events, Gideon’s Call is the dramatic tale of a young man who battles the shame of his past and faces the horrors of war and unimaginable prejudice to become the deliverer of thousands of freed slaves.


Peter Leavell graduated from Boise State with a degree in history in 2007. With his passion for historical fiction, nothing delights Leavell more than people turning the pages of a book, enraptured by the story. He is the winner of the Christian Writer’s Guild’s best first novel 2012 for Gideon’s Call. He lives in Boise, Idaho.
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