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Book Review by Natalia Gortova -- Tamed

 Today I get to introduce you to the lovely Sarah Witenhafer. Here's the blurb on her first book, Tamed.

Reign Phillips has just earned her PhD in ancient languages when her Professor returns from Greece with treasure for the University of New Mexico; fifty-six mummified remains and a puzzling sealed gold casket that doesn’t seem to fit any time period.

Accompanying him is the man responsible for brokering the deal with the university, Damon Sarantos. Unknown to anyone, Damon himself had buried the casket almost two thousand years before.

A little more or less than human, Damon Sarantos avoids people, not wanting to strengthen their evil desires with his presence. But Reign is a woman he wants close. As she decodes the mysterious writing on an ancient casket, Damon must work to gain her trust and win her heart. Can he be the man she wants him to be? Or will they be eternally separated by his partly demonic nature?

The casket holds the answer, but opening it will bring peace… or a darkness that will engulf the world.

Now let's meet the woman behind this exciting paranormal romance novel:

1. Every author has a story of how they got to publication—what’s yours?

My personal story, like my novel, is one big romance. My husband and I had already been through 3 years of a grueling trial when we lost our business, our savings, our church folded, and our friends left town. I was at my end and all I could see ahead was losing my marriage and my faith. But I had this story running through my head about grace. I started writing it – cos I had nothin else to do – and then my husband got interested in what I was doing. He fell in love with the story and became my first fan. Through the time he invested in the book, our marriage started improving and then I started realizing God was working all along through my trials. I started seeing Him loving me through my husband and learned that incredibly powerful lesson others have testified to: I wasn’t holding on to God. He was holding on to me. By the time the book was done both my faith and my marriage were much stronger.

2. How would you describe your book, Tamed?

A mixture of everything I love – action, history, romance, suspense, the supernatural, and God’s grace. Kinda like HBO’s Rome, meets Laura Croft in C.S. Lewis’s library.

3. What kind of reader would like it?

Smart, romantic fools who aren’t afraid of a vivid imagination. Haha. I wrote it for women ages 17 – 40, but I’ve been shocked by the wide range of readers I have. I get letters from teen girls and boys to senior men and women. I have a lot of male fans. They like reading about Damon’s years as a Roman Centurion and I think they like that he’s a man’s man. But then again, every man has said they really fell in love with Reign! That always cracks me up.

4. What other books (if any) do you have out there for readers?

The sequel to Tamed is out. Anointed follows Damon back to Greece, back to the family he left 2000 years before. He has lots of struggles trying to navigate his way back into the clan. Let’s just say his family has issues.

5. What made you become a writer? (I KNOW there are easier jobs out there!)

This question makes me laugh. I had a pastor ask me if I had ever thought I would be a novelist. I blinked. Up until that moment I had never thought of myself as a novelist! All I know is the story makes me want to write. In fact, I can’t wait to get done here so I can get back to writing a scene in my third book, Deception’s Tower. Raheil is such a devil.

6. What is the message you want readers to take away from your work?

It’s simple. God is beautiful – and His love makes us beautiful.

Wow, thank you so much for being here today, Sarah.

Sarah would love to connect with you. You can follow her on twitter @SarahWitenhafer, Facebook, or on her blog

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