Monday, March 19, 2012

There is a difference only you can make – Barbie --

by Natalia Gortova

Yes, Barbie.

Li’l Princess watched a LOT of Barbie movies in England this past month. Well, actually it was more like 4 over and over (and over) until everyone in the house was humming along to the songs.

So I decided to see what I could take away from the experience. My first thoughts were along the lines of the use of cliché plots in fiction. Then I saw the quote at the end of the credits.

“There is a difference only you can make.”

Profound words—even when wrapped in implausibly sized plastic and covered with glitter. Words that can apply to every part of our lives.

As a person there’s a change that only you can make.
I’m not talking about occupy Wall St necessarily, although if that’s the way you want to take this, then feel free. But you have the ability to make life/the world different for another person. Think about what that means to you—sharing God’s love and mercy with someone, living your life in an honest and genuine way with no pretences, giving a hot meal to someone in need, sending a care package to someone forgotten…

There’s a love that only you can give.
Sure, as ‘Mom’ it’s not hard to trump anyone else’s attempt to love your kids. You’re pretty much the best there is, which is the way it should be. Recently I read a blog on Jerry B. Jenkins’ website about guarding the time you spend with your kids. It said, ‘to kids, quality IS quantity’. That got me thinking, since my job means I’m often working at the same time I’m spending time with the kids (which is all day, every day!). Do I spend quality time with them in between typing stints?

There’s a song that only you can sing.
Cheesy, but hey, I’m a singer so this resonates with me. I’m pretty sure Martina McBride sang it in one of her songs, not that I’m a fan particularly. It goes along with having something only you can say. Your own particular story, one that’s an important part of who you are and the way you live your life. So take a moment and think on it…what do you want to say?

There’s a gift that only you can give.
Who you are is a unique creature unlike any other creature in this world. Whether you believe you were created by God (as I do), or by some other event or circumstance, it doesn’t negate the fact that you’re here. Celebrate life by making something that will touch someone’s heart and life. The best gifts are the ones we share.

FICTION CORNER: (The part of the blog that’s all about writing.)

As a writer there’s a story only you can tell.
Your experiences and your point of view belong only to you. These things shape the ideas you have as a writer, and the kind of people your characters are. That produces fiction unique to you and you alone. It’s your story to tell, and people want to read it. So write on.

Thank you, Natalia! (And thank you, Barbie). :)

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