Monday, January 2, 2012

Interview with Cec Murphey!

Many words have been used to describe Cecil (Cec) Murphey: among them are giving, caring, compassionate, and transparent. He has fulfilled roles as mentor, encourager, and life-changer for many people. Whether you are a writer or someone how has experienced life's difficulties, you won't want to miss  Cec's encouraging interview.

Award-winning author and international speaker Cec Murphey has written or co-written more than one hundred books, including the New York Times' bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper) and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (with Dr. Ben Carson). His books have sold millions of copies, translated into more than forty languages, bringing hope and encouragement to countless people around the world. 

He has published over 700 articles which have appeared in a variety of publications. Cec has been a teacher, missionary in Kenya, voluntary hospital chaplain, preacher, and currently stays busy as a professional writer. He travels extensively to speak on many topics such as Christian living, recovery, spiritual growth, prayer, caregiving, significant living, male sexual abuse, and writing. Cec has more than 30 years experience teaching writing at hundreds of conferences, retreats, seminars, workshops and keynote venues across the United States and overseas.

Please visit Living Joyfully Free to listen to the interview with Cec Murphey.

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