Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here and we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. At His birth, light came to a dark world, Heaven sang, and captives were freed. Man found hope, new beginnings, restoration, joy, and redemption.

Words cannot adequately express my feelings for a God who would choose willingly to leave Heaven’s glories to take on the flesh of man, complete with all the pain of suffering of living in a fallen world.

Why did Jesus humble Himself to be born a pauper’s son?
What did He look like as a baby?
At His first steps, did the ground tremble in gratitude?
How did His laugh sound?
Did His snow angels sparkle?
Did puppies wag and kittens purr as Jesus walked by?
Did trees long to bow at His feet?
Did the wind play in his hair?
Did hearts melt at His smile?

Why did He live for thirty-three years knowing every temptation and every heartache common to man?
Why did He come to die for sinners?

Why Jesus, did You choose a sinner like me?

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You.
Thank You for Your Son.
Thank You, for Your unfailing love.
Thank You, Jesus for coming to earth.
Thank You for calling to the lost and providing a way for us to come home.
Thank You for every sacrifice You made.
Happy Birthday, my precious Savior.

Please watch and listen to the song, "Happy Birthday, Jesus"

Merry Christmas!

©Lisa Buffaloe

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