Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bare Your Soul & Find Your Voice by Bonnie Gray

A snapshot I took while peddling on bike

Don’t examine whether your voice is worthy. Give it freedom out of your heart and you’ll be true to who God’s made you.

I love my digital camera.
It has revolutionized my life.
I am no longer limited to 12, 24, or 36 exposure rolls.
I can capture the moment with as many rapid fire clicks as I want — while laughing, gulping back tears, or half-falling off my bike pedaling.
I don’t have to worry. I’m sure to find one or two good pictures out of the gazillion shot.
The best ones are the unplanned moments.
Candid. Surprising. Real.
Because of faith, finding my voice has taken me on the same journey.
This journey is called freedom.
To read the rest, please link to... Snapshots of Faith: Bare Your Soul & Find Your Voice

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