Monday, August 1, 2011

Website in a Week

Do you need a website fast?
Do you need an affordable website solution?
Is it important to you that you’re
able to edit your own website?

Hey there, I’m Alyssa Avant and in 2005 I came online to start my first online business. Actually, at the time I was coming online to try and promote my speaking ministry to tween and teen girls and their moms. What I wanted to do was to share a message about etiquette, style, beauty, and fashion from a Biblical perspective with tween and teen girls and their moms. I was trying to find a larger audience to do that with and I could do that online.

Bringing your business or ministry online makes it global and you can connect with so many other people instantly. But I needed a website in order to do that. I knew that I needed a website and I knew that I wanted it to reflect me, my personal values, beliefs, and morals. I knew that website needed to reflect my personality, gifts, and my talents and I wanted to share all of those things with the world. I needed to connect with my audience via a website n order share that message with more people.

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