Friday, August 19, 2011

Erica Vetsch On The Write Path: One Sheet

One Sheet

So, all the buzz this last month before the ACFW Conference is centered around mental and phyiscal preparation. One of the big facets of preparation is the One-Sheet/Pitch Sheet/Sell Sheet. This piece of paper goes by a lot of names, and it causes a lot of consternation and fear in unpublished authors, but basically it's a sheet of paper that tells what you've written and why you think it is cool. It is to be used during your agent or editor appointments or if you happen to have a moment with an agent, editor, mentor, or otherwise interested party to help you organize your thoughts and give you something to refer to and/or hang on to so your hands won't shake.

Often I hear the question "What goes on a One-Sheet?"

So I thought I would show you the One-Sheet....

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