Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What If Those Pesky Agents Don't Bite by Randy Ingermanson

What If Those Pesky Agents Don’t Bite?

What do you do when you’ve got a decent manuscript but the agents just aren’t biting?

Stephannie posted this question on my “Ask A Question For My Blog” page:
I have a manuscript for which I am seeking representation. I have been told by editors of major publishing houses, during conference critiques, that it is “intriguing, well written, and very good”. I’ve been shopping it around to agents and can’t seem to get anywhere. I get great comments from them but no ‘bites’. How do I determine if the book is unsellable or I haven’t connected with the right agent for it?

Randy sez: Publishing is a subjective business, so there isn’t any infallible way to to know if your book is unsellable.

To read the rest.... http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/blog/2011/06/22/what-if-those-pesky-agents-dont-bite/


Natalia Gortova said...

What about something like the WritersEdge.com or Christianmanuscriptsubmissions.com?
I've always wondered if people have much success with those sites?

Lisa Buffaloe said...

I've only known of one person who was ever discovered using those sites. Maybe there are more, but sure makes you wonder.