Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stay True to Yourself in Publishing

Stay True to Yourself in Publishing

I don’t know Wade Rouse other than from the article he wrote for Writer’s Digest‘s Top 10 edition (which, since that edition came out in September 2010, shows you how far behind I am in my WD reading). From what I can determine, Rouse is a humorist who made WD’s Top Ten “Writers, Dead or Alive, We’d Love to Have a Drinks With” list.
I wouldn’t mind lifting a wine goblet in toast to him myself, because for me, he’s one of the top ten contributors to this edition who sparked my blogger muse. His article, “Top Ten Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Publishing,” struck a chord with me, so I’m going to share the music with you:
Rouse-Yezak’s Top Five Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Publishing:
5. Install a Lithium drip in your home
Okay, with my illness, I’m on enough drugs, so let’s substitute “chocolate stash” for “Lithium drip” 

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