Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reinventing Leona

Ever wished YOU could REINVENT yourself?

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Politicians and actors regularly transform their lives. Embarrassing situations are not career enders for them but rather opportunities to regroup, write a book, and come back even stronger.
Starting over seems simple enough … until the need to start over happens to us.
Why? Because radical change is difficult. We don’t like it when unforeseen circumstances alter our plans. So we’re tempted to take the route of least resistance and live safe, stagnant lives.
But despite all of our precautions, sooner or later something will rock our world. Whether it is the death of a loved one, the divorce of a spouse or the divorce of our parents, the loss of our job, a move, a betrayal, strained family relations, or a major illness … forced course redirections can cause a great deal of pain and suffering.
How we handle these stressful situations is as unique and individual as the characters in our books.
Lynne Gentry watched three of her best friends suffer the loss of their husbands. "Two of them regrouped, rebuilt, and reinvented their lives. One shriveled up and died in a nursing home. Observing these three different women handle the same situation caused me to ask one of the questions that always sparks a good story: what would I do if tragedy struck me? Do I have the spiritual chops to pick myself up and start over? Could I trust God to lead me through a dark valley?"
Lynne's debut novel, Reinventing Leona, is a study in the resilience of the human spirit. "People do get back on their feet … I’m living proof of that."
Lynne's asks, "I invite you to consider what you’re made of. If you had to reinvent yourself, would you curl up or get up?
"Check out Reinventing Leona at Amazon or Mobipocket and let me know how God has used hard times to remake you."

Find out more about Leona Harper on Lynne Gentry's first skype interview with author Lisa Harris.

Interview with Lynne Gentry-Reinventing Leona from Lisa Harris on Vimeo.

Fliterary gives, Reinventing Leona, five stars and the Fliterary High Swing!

Awesome book, Lynne! Loved your characters, storyline, and wonderful ending!

Visit to download Lynne's wonderful book, Reinventing Leona.

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