Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obscure Color Terms

I once read a book where the heroine's hair was described as the color of conaque at least once per chapter.

I just found a helpful list that suggests alternate words for colors. Here it is on: phrontistery.info

It's a site dedicated to "spreading the joy of the English language" and includes many rare words.

Have you stumbled across a valuable site lately? Share it with us.


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Awesome links, Hilarey! Thank you!!

Patrick E. Craig said...

Nice links Hilarey - another great source for good words is "Word Power" in, of all places, Reader's Digest. They test you on 20 words in all different categories every month and many are quite difficult.

Hilarey Johnson said...

Thanks Patrick, I will check it out. I always turn to the vocabulary section in Readers Digest when I am in waiting rooms (after the jokes.)