Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Helps

Hilarey here..

I am not a strong blogger. It has to be a purposeful, conscious effort for me to come up with ideas. Lisa gave me an suggestion, she texts herself blog ideas whenever they come.

I noticed that when I am driving, my mind wanders. (note to husband: I still concentrate on driving safe!) With a relaxed mind I am able to think of topics more readily. So occasionally, I record voice notes on my phone and then email them to myself later.

Another thing that helps me is to write the rough outline of several post and save them. Then on the morning I post, I go back and read through with fresh eyes and add to it.

What tips can you offer to reluctant bloggers? Anything that inspires or aids you to be consistent.

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Lisa Buffaloe said...

Write down any and every idea. I have a file on my computer with snippets of thoughts or verses, something that helps jumpstart the brain. :)