Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Idahope Fiction Writer Contest Winners!

The Idahope Writer Contest Winners are....

Rules for Engagement, Laura Briggs (Waldron, AR)
Vigil, Sharon Dunn (Bozeman, MT)
Long Road Home, Judy Gann (Lakewood, WA)
War Horse, Colin James (Litchfield Park, AZ)
Winds of Wyoming, Becky Lyles (Boise, ID)
Unforeseen Journeys, Christina Nelson (Corvallis, OR)
A Line in the Sand, Stephanie Prichard (Indianapolis, IN)
Obsidian, Belinda Rodriguez (Nampa, ID)
Orphans, Josh Snell (Nampa, ID)

Third Prize
The Hitchhiker, Zoe McCarthy (Prowhatan, VA)

Second Prize
The Well: A Samaritan Story, Stephanie Landsem (Lake Elmo, MN)

First Prize
The Undertaker’s Daughter, Kerri Mountain (Commodore, PA)

Congratulations to all!!!

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