Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Find and replace

Hilarey here...

I received a critique the other day with the edit suggestion to change "OK" to "Okay."

There is a quick way to fix all errors if you use Microsoft Word. So I hit Ctrl "F" for "find" and chose the tab "Find and Replace" in the dialogue box. In the find what area I typed "OK" and under replace with I put "Okay" then I clicked Replace all.

A new box came up saying "Word has completed a search of your document and made 333 replacements. I thought "Holy Cow." Do I have a pet word I need to get rid of or what?

Then I realized it had replaced all instances of the letters o and k. So words like hooked became hoOkayed.

Fortunately, Ctrl "Z" (undo) is a personal friend. So I undid the action and replaced all instances of (space)OK(space) instead.

There was less than three dozen. (Maybe I still do have a pet phrase I need to take care of.)

Here are a few other Microsoft Word shortcuts for PC. Please share yours if you know more.

Ctrl I- italics
Ctrl B- bold
Ctrl V- paste
Ctrl C- copy
Ctrl X- cut
Ctrl Z- undo


Charity said...

LOL why do I get the feeling we must be related somehow? At least you caught the hoOKayed's.

Here's another shortcut: Ctrl P for printing :)

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Hilarey, I've made the same type mistakes on my manuscript. Whoa, what a surprise to see some interesting word results.

Charity, thank you for the tip!