Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hilarey here...

Ever notice how when something consumes you, reminders pop up everywhere? For example, as soon as you or someone close to you becomes pregnant, suddenly there are babies everywhere.

Sometimes it is just that your eyes are opened to what was already there, but sometimes they are strange coincidences. I have seen more coincidences--happy flukes--parallel my writing than anything else.

Once, I read that a certain food was eaten in the area where my story was written. I had no idea what it was (this was pre-internet) and a few days later I stumbled across a cooking show making it. In the same story, I thought I made up a name and then I read about someone from another country with that name.

Again and again, often when I am frustrated or needing encouragement, some chance happening will pop up. Does anyone else have any writing coincidences to share?


Andrea said...

At every turn I see GOD leading my way. Even with HIS direction I find myself often trying to run the other way. I am trying to embrace HIS call to write a memoir, now. I can't help but laugh as I see HIM providing encouragement and help along the way....and even support from family.
Blessings, andrea

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Andrea, God is an amazing God! I know we miss so much during our journey, but I love when we notice!