Friday, February 18, 2011


Hilarey here...

No, the title isn't spelled incorrectly. I noticed that many of the contemporary songs my teenagers listen to are filled with clich├ęs . While we know better than to use them in fiction writing--I can see why songwriters do. Their word count is limited by rhythm and meter. It helps to convey a whole concept in just a few words.

We can, however, create a new twist on an old adage. Or add to the adage. For instance:

Time heals all wounds...but sometimes the bone doesn't set correctly and has to be re-broken.

This takes the hope in the former statement and laces it with cynicism. You can imagine many things about the character who would say that, can't you?

If you have stumbled across one, share it. Make sure you tell us where you found it.

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